Came for the grit and left with sugar fluff?

Save Me Tonight - MP Wallace

Me before reading:


Because those tags...first time, public activity, dubious consent, enemies to lovers?

Oh yes.

This is what I devour.

Me after:


Whoa shifter fluff. Didn't see it coming.

I thought the story was going to be in a different direction, hot fucking like the prompt picture, forced mating in front of witnesses, maybe a helping hand, a tear or two, definitely a squeal. And KNOTTING...there's always room for KNOTTING, no?

But the author did her own thing, tried to make the wolf shifter A/B/O pack dynamics unique. Can't fault her for trying.

So there is a shifter twist.

Here's a hint...last year, it's was all about the tentacles. This year, it's all about the d_____s?

(show spoiler)


And the non-KNOTTING almost knotting. (They even reference KNOTTING but didn't go full throttle)

And the alpha shifter who recognizes his mate's scent but not really because of spilled coffee and human emotions.

*throws up hands*

It started out kind of gritty and ending up pinker than a gumdrop's sugary taint.

You got insta-shifter love, insta-family, men bitching out a "bitch" for being a bitch, sweet love making, mentions of "chute".

All the makings for shifter fluff. And I can see this appealing to fans of shifter fluff too.

So while I try to quietly shake off the sugar cubes off my person and put my KNOTTING paraphernalia away (I got a tad too carried away in my excitement for dub con where there was essentially none - I was warned), I'm going to search for something to stick in my craw to read next.

I thank the author for writing this and contributing to the event and the team behind this story and the event as always. :)