Riley's slutty ass deserves a medal...or something thicker maybe? IDK 2 thumbs up!

An Old Standard - Cordelia Kingsbridge
“You’ve had your fun, so you’d better give me a good ride, you little whore. You hear me?”

Where that Sunday mentioned in Munch finally comes to fruition.

I don't know if I need to thank the smut gods, Cupcake, or her Steter trash addiction (because she finds the greatest shit, doesn't she?) that has made me realize I enjoy the tears during scenes. (Let's call it a tie)

Oh, it's great when a sub turns on the waterworks and starts the needing. *grunts* I just want to lick Riley's face...and hear him beg.

Kingsbridge continues to keep the smut on high without boiling over in her latest addition to the Boston Verse series.

“Jack won’t be able to hear us?” Riley asked as Andres nibbled on his throat.

“Why, do you think you’re gonna get loud?”

“If you’re not planning on making it impossible for me to keep quiet, I’m going to be very disappointed,” Riley said.

Riley goes over to Andres' place and they play quite smuttily. A lot of my fave kinks (dirty talk, feminization, rough sex, humiliation, D/s) get explored but nothing too hardcore.

And aftercare.

Andres is working his way on to my fave Doms shelf. Yes, indeedy.

Having his ass up in the air like this felt good, natural, and the only embarrassment was the sweet, exciting kind Riley experienced when putting himself on wanton display for an appreciative Dom.

I really enjoy that romance isn't really a factor in these smutty shorts but why do I have a feeling that it might change...I don't know how I feel about Riley and Andres being boo'd up.

See I just purchased yearlong tickets to "Pound Town" and as you can clearly see, there are no stops to RomanceLand, only Dick City.

And I'm loving it.
All of it.

May Riley and Andres continue their filthy antics without losing their juice.

Here is where I'd probably add a huge dick gif, so use your imagination. Thank you and have a smutty tomorrow.