Sometimes a little wish fulfillment can go a long way...

The Complications of T - Bey Deckard, Starr Waddell

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My two cents from the group reviewage.

4.25 HEARTS--Quite simply this is just a romance between two people who just so happen to meet at the right time under slightly intoxicated circumstances.
The rest...gender identity, relationship status, fan/hero worship...those are just semantics.

Sweet? Eh...I guess? *scrunches nose* Considering the typical stuff written by the author, this could be considered sweeter. I think it's definitely lighter with a sprinkling of hurt/comfort (very thin layer covering the prominent romantic tones). The story put me in a happy sort of mood.

The world we live in is constantly changing, right? We're becoming more politically correct and title specific each day. And while the transgender community is not a new, it's still in its infancy compared to other parts of the LGBT acronym. The media continues to embrace popular trans figures and it makes me happy. A lot of everyday people are still catching up to change, embracing the rainbow. I think the story's strongest suit is the fact it embraces the main character's cluelessness about a lot of trans topics. I thought it was written tastefully, writing the story from 1st POV helped eased the vibe the author was going for...well for me anyway.

Stuart Leandro's world is crashing down. The famous actor fell off the wagon and is embarrassingly drunk. He gets saved by a well meaning passerby before any fans take any compromising photos. Stuart's estranged wife has finally tapped the final nail in the coffin, his career is sort of in the toilet. Suffice to say, it's just not Stuart's day. Or maybe it is. He's saved by Tim who he confuses to be a man and then a woman and then he sort of puts his foot in his mouth. But once Tim lets him know it's okay and they get to know each other, there is an attraction that they can't deny. This is Stuart's first gay experience and he handles it as best he can. Namely with questions and coming a few times.

There was a sense of humor and snark:

"You want to know if I have a penis?"
"I do! I was, however, unfortunately born without it, and seeing as what science can offer really, and I mean really, doesn't appeal to me, I'm forced to keep it in the top drawer of the bedside table. Why? Do you want to see it?"

Plus it had the wish fulfillment factor, a cinephile's wet dream: getting to meet their favorite actor and really getting to share their passion and interests. And if they happen to fall for one another on a more intimate level,it doesn't hurt either.

Now, since it has the wish fulfillment angle going on there, the romantic pace got intense really quick and then the pair takes a breather for ninety days. and Tim's reasoning makes sense when he explains himself but I wish I got to read what their ninety days consisted of. I'd like to think a lot of woeful grunts and dreadful pouts and whimpers and muttering of each other's name because the pain became too much to bear.

The story doesn't get too deep. I think it could have gone further but it might be just for my greedy purposes more than for the story that is told. Because it's solid and gets the job done. Quirky, light, hopeful, scattered with snark and...sweet?

Yeah, I guess it is. ;P

A copy provided for an honest review.