May the Calmes be with you. Peace my brothers and sisters.

Old Loyalty, New Love - Mary Calmes

4.5 Stars--Mary Calmes slung her book crack shifter style with this one.

To which I say:

I know what I wanted when I came to this party.

I wanted possessive claiming.
I wanted "mine".
I wanted a little cray-cray that seemed to surround the main characters but somehow fucking worked for them.

And I got it.

Crackish Fiend is Happy.

I got a lot of "Yeah" and "What" dialogue too. :/ That could count toward the Con pile but the motherfucking Pros outweigh that con in this one for me.

Yes, the Calmesian formula struck again and it was smelling like pie. Not any kind of pie mind you, oh no, this book extols the miracles of cherry pie.

Sweet Cheesus, save me from pies. I'm eating a slice of apple crumb as I write this review as a way to toast Quade and Roman and their jackal alpha fucking. ;P

Roman Howell is super rich, lives in a chateau aka castle-mansion in Maine. He has been burned significantly on his face and body during a bus accident while a teenager. Now at 27, his face is permanently scarred. Instead of letting his disfigurement control his life, Roman lives life with the help of his longtime bodyguard Quade. Quade is over six feet tall, Greek, older and a walking wet dream. Plus, he's a alpha jackal shifter. Roman and stubborn Quade have been circling around falling for each other for too many year, Roman finally makes his move and offers something the alpha can't resist: love.

Points to the author for choosing a unique shifter, a jackal and the sprinkling of Egyptian mythology. That was different. I like the jackal society she created.

While I would've loved some more action especially against the villain, I mean there was blatant build up for some primo ass kicking, Calmes doesn't have time for that because there are pies to eaten, coats to be worn, food to be cooked, touching to be done, kisses to be given and alpha fawning that needs constant attention.

(No time for the drinking game with this one, I'd need a new liver if I played with this book)

At first, I thought Roman was the Jory of the book. But it was a shared effort between Roman and Quade. EVERYBODY wanted Quade once he left Maine (the tops-only-but-would-bottom-for-Quade-only rent boy not included *purses lips*) Quade didn't really have to flex his shifter muscles around because he exuded so my alphaness people couldn't fucking handle themselves around him including Roman who kept rubbing on him and grinding. And I wondered WTF is with everyone and their fucking hands?

But you know what?

All of it. The crazy shifter duel that was over in two blinks because there was more important business to get to. The important business being Christmastime and if there is anything I know MC loves, it's Christmas. The Santa jizz was abundant.

And I found myself not giving a flying shit. As long as Quade kept biting Roman and filling his hole with alpha cock, claiming his mate over and over again, I didn't care. Somehow all of the talking about mundane shit, shifter shit, longing shit, returning back to your roots shit, friends to lovers shit, pie motherfucking baking fucking worked. Praise be Calmes!

Because I'm reading #2 with bells on. They might even possibly jingle.

No, they will not. Kris Kringle would melt before that happens but it's nice to dream. ;P

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