Back in the Sterek game. Aw yeah!

The Best Things in Life are Fully Involved - Stileskolpath

Fake Boyfriends!!

It's right up there with Happy Hookers for me.

The reasoning behind Stiles claiming Derek as his fake boyfriend was a little iffy but I don't care because I got accidental KNOTTING, pining (for both boys), bottom Stiles, scent marking, oblivious Derek (whoop!) and Possessiveness!

That list totally trumps the cheese factor (which the writer did state they were going for).

Stiles has a new teacher, an alpha teacher who wants to mate with Stiles. Stiles is not interested but teach doesn't take no for an answer. So Stiles does the only thing he can do. Tells Mr. Persistent that he's already taken by his longtime crush, Derek.

Derek is not cool with the plan...or is he?

Cute, funny, romantic, a little cheddary and sexy.

I'm rounding up.

I missed Sterek. I've been cheating on it with Steter and Stafael...and Stilincest. :)

P.S. Scott continues his reign of dumb in this one. *sigh*