Cinderfella with a billionaire? Hot dog!!

Almost But Not Quite - Amy Spector


Swimming in the 3.5-4 stars pool -- The billionaire prompt!!!!!

I was pressed so hard against this prompt, it should’ve popped wood. Major wood.

One of my favorite things in romances (it might look like I like a lot of things but trust me, I don’t) are billionaires.

Yeah, I’m that girl.

I don’t care about the probability of anyone actually finding an attractive, single and eligible rich bachelor who is hung like Triton and can fuck like a god in bed.

I don’t care.

Give them a personality and I’m sold…for the most part.

My favorite fictional billionaire is Mr. Gideon Cross. And guess who he was based on? Mr. David Gandy.

Don’t know who he is? Here let me help you.

And this prompt pic was one of Mr. Gandy’s as well, wouldn’t you know?

(Not the prompt pic but I just thought I’d give another angle of his face)

Right, so I might have quelted once or twice when this prompt popped up.

Now in my head, I imagined this story going a certain way because billionaire and Gandy means hot fucking and sultry orders was on the menu, right?

But “Almost But Not Quite” wasn’t like the popular billionaire clichés. In fact, the author humanized Maximilian, the billionaire main character.

He was relatable and sweet and such a soft heart. Don’t get me wrong, when the bedroom action happens (and it does happen), he had a couple of hot lines. There was a growly moment that I particularly enjoyed. (of course)

This was cinderfella-esque, so in terms of relationship building between the main characters, I knew to suspend reality for a bit because who would bring a drunk homeless person who offered to fuck them for cash to their house? Their actual living space and close their eyes and go to sleep...with the hot for cash hobo in their house? With all their valuables just laying about looking all pricy?

The main thing was for me to buy Daniel the part-time rent-boy/fired hairdresser/full-time drunk/ex-drug addict and Max, the Gandy-twin billionaire's relationship and then sexual tension. You can pull that off I don't care if their plan trips to moon to search for polar bears, make me believe.

And overall, their relationship was good. There were parts where I questioned their motives but they were meant for each other. So it's all good.

I had niggles though, minor ones.

One being, it was short for pulling off the HEA. Add another 50 pages or so to show Daniel's progression of detox and his substance abuse struggles, let him stand on his two feet. Let Max slowly start to trust Daniel and let him into his world, I would have thrown all the stars at this thing. I had to reread certain parts to make sure they were actually ready for the ILY moment because I kinda thought it was premature. (A little bit)

Max gave in too quickly before realizing how he felt. In fact, the beginning Max was slightly arrogant, sort of standoffish business man then he turned to mush toward the middle and stayed like that. He was very trusting, very quickly and if he had got burned by the stepbrother (my biggest niggle - I'll get to that) would he really be as open and trusting as he was with Daniel.

Daniel, I preferred slightly more than Max just because I sort of got to know him more. I think he was a good kid who came from a bad situation. I would have liked a little more clarification on his background, then again maybe some more exploration of Max's and his stepbrother as well. What we get is good and can carry the story. I might just be nitpicky and know nothing of what I speak of. ;P

Sometimes there were minor scenes that I didn't think added to the overall story.

Oh and my biggest niggle, the stepbrother plot twist.

Okay, this story was a solid 4 stars until the last chapter. It was sweet and about redemption and being sober and cute and sweet kisses and finally getting to express yourself in the bedroom kinda hot but...the twist felt like it came out of nowhere.

And then I'm thinking to myself as I'm reading: (it's a little spoiler-ish)

So the billionaire lives on a street with other houses and no security?
Like wouldn't Max be prime pickings for any thief with a weapon? He's doing publicity, everyone except for Daniel pretty much knew the man was a billionaire.
And this stepbrother just happens to pop up after all these years and never gave Max a hint of anything?
And the stepbrother didn't try to attack or take his "man" when Max was alone for those six weeks?
Plus, the way Max sorta explained what happened in the past...what exactly happened?

(show spoiler)

If only the last chapter didn't happen. But it did.

But I can respect the author for trying to shake it up. I enjoyed the ideas brought to the story. The execution showed promise, it got a little shaky a few times but I was entertained. (I'll be reading more Amy Spector, for sure)

And most importantly, the author proved not all billionaires need to be anti-social fuck machines who can make body parts leak at just a glance.

So major thanks to the author and the team behind the story.
And David Gandy.

P.S. Great cover.