1000% fan of the Boston Verse! Please never let this well dry up!

Munch - Cordelia Kingsbridge

*gaspy little moans*

They didn't even fuck and it was...

Getting ahead of myself once again. *sighs*

Riley gets invited to a munch, meets Andres' peeps. And sees more of the SSC side of BDSM and wants in their group.

Totally would have been fine with it but Andres and Riley...they're like fire and gasoline when alone. But Riley can't hookup because cockblocking roommates.

Next best thing? Sexting and sex toys in the shower!

Big smooches to Cupcake!

Because I is a fan now.

May Andres and Riley never part or fuck until their body parts melt off. They need them. *quelts*

Viva la slutty bottoms!

Bonus: Rentboy fantasies!!!