Rated: Aaaaaaaaw Yiiiissssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!

Green Means Go - Cordelia Kingsbridge
  “I’m going to fucking ruin you, you beautiful little brat,” Andres said into his ear. “Get in the car.”

*clears throat*

“Yeah, you’re ready to go,” Andres said. “Is that all it takes? A guy gets half your clothes off and plays with your nipples a little, and you’re already eager to bend over?”

“Please, I want to.”

“Want to what?”

“Want to bend over,” Riley said, the words spilling forth as Andres rose to his full height. “Please, I want you to fuck me, I need it inside – ”

Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

This was smut excellence. Oh yes. *purrs*

Riley's cunt gets the workout it's been begging for. Riley and Andres meet up for kink negotiation and then fucking. That was...I love that it was totally SSC. And not reading like BDSM 101 or from a script. And I actually got a sense Riley besides being a slutty bottom.

Make no mistake, Riley is a hot slut with a needy, empty cunt that aches to be filled with a massive hot cock.

I ate that shit up. *slurp*

“There’s nothing I love more than a twink with a pretty shaved cunt.”

“I wax,” Riley said, because he had to say something or his brain was just going to leak right out of his ears.

Andres chuckled. “Even better,” he said, and spit on Riley’s bared hole.

ATE IT! Andres rimmed, fingered, humiliated, dirty talked, manhandled...all the things I enjoy. AND he's a Dom with a brain! Yay!

Plus I got so into to their scene, I started nodding my damn head like I was Riley.

“Please,” he said.

“Please what?"

Okay, yeah, Andres was definitely the kind of Dom who got off on a begging sub. “Please put something inside me, sir,” Riley said.

*groans* Fucking Riley. I like him. I think I like Andres a little more but together those two are fire. Hot and burning bright.

“You keep your legs spread when you’re in this bed unless I tell you otherwise,” he said.

*wipes brow*

And there I was, eyes glazed over, mouth hung open enough to catch flies as they finally made their way to the bedroom.

Everything that happened on that bed was fantastic.

The best of the series (so far) ;)