Cupcake's been trying to tell me for months. I finally listen and OMG she knows me so well.

Hookup - Cordelia Kingsbridge

For serious.

I knew about this since January and I'm only reading this now? WTF.

I am kicking my own ass for this because was deliciously disgusting, smutastically spectacular and motherfucking hot.

Fucking in a bathroom stall! A barely legal twink gets pinned in a bathroom stall and shoved on a ginormous cock with filth being muttered in his ear. And I'm not talking a wham and bam kinda deal, either. Full on, everyone in the building knows how much of a cockslut Riley, the twink truly is from his caterwauling and pounding on the door.


Over six months of passing this by.

All the things. Those are my fave things. I just...Cupcake you...WTF.

And this is free! Just. WTF.