The MANTEARS were awesome.

Breakthrough - J.H. Knight

A Hearts On Fire Review

4.5 HEARTS--Want a short story that gives a good case of the comfort?

This story has it.

I was touched by the entire cast of characters, every one of them, even the grandkids and cats. That's how charmed I am with "Breakthrough". Like...I might've sprung a leak in the upper half of my face and made my cheeks hurt while grinning kind of charmed. The feels were touched.

Jack is a forty-nine year old (silverfox!) accountant with a successful career. He's divorced, has one son, Rick and two adorable grandchildren. But sadly Rick has been devastating his family and himself with drug addiction for years. Drug addiction devastates so many and I'm happy to say this book isn't trying to sludge you down with reality. It doesn't cheapen the effect and gives more perspective from the family member's POV while still giving you a glimpse of reality.

Jack blames himself for his son's addiction. He came out of the closet late life, while married to Rick's mother. Jack likes things to fit into their boxes. Some might say picky but I totally get Jack's mind frame. He doesn't easily show emotion, a fact his best friend says is why he hasn't struck gold in the love department. The thing is he hasn't met the right man, he's met a couple of characters but no one to challenge him.

Enter, Rick's drug counselor at his rehab, Seth. Seth sees something in Jack. (Don't worry nothing tawdry begins while Rick is under Seth's care) The two form a friendship, Jack discovers a different side of himself. And let me tell you the MANTEARS were abundant but in a GREAT way. I chortled so much at each drop that left a certain someone's face.

So good.
So, so, so good.

The two become friends and confidants through email. They get along so well and how they end up together is pretty funny and sweet.

Well if I loved it so much, why not the full 5 hearts? There were two instances when I had to reread a changing scene over to understand that the time changed. And I wished there was a scene or even a conversation with Rick discussing his feelings on "Davey" and his dad. Maybe a little brief something instead of Seth telling Jack Rick was cool with it. I'm sure it wasn't just hormones talking...but I'd have liked it.

The story ends at 93% and with a solid HFN (with room to grow). I'm not even complaining about the early end...story is that good.

Could I have read another 200 pages on this couple including the secondary characters? Yep.

But I didn't need it and I think the story has done it's job and then some. I'm running to get all works of this author. Twice in a row my chest cavity has been engaged with their author's words.

Recommended for readers who enjoy romance for a character later in life, feel good humor...and main character self-discovery.