The Carpenter and the Actor - R.J. Scott

Whew boy. The plot inconsistencies were rampant in this one.

This one tried so hard to be something that it's not...fluff trying to be erotica. :/

I know this series doesn't require much thinking, which can be good from time to time. And it wasn't like I'm not familiar with this author's writing style. (It's 2 years old - so I'll just leave my gripe with Britishisms in an American setting that this author does a lot, here in the review because it's not going anywhere else.)

This story was like tepid tea. The hint of...kink(?) - actually you know what, it's vanilla - lots of couples strike tying their partners off their sex bucket lists. And the short guy being on top as a plot device could have been sharper to actually have an effect. It made no sense. And then having Jason stare at every gay tall man just kinda made Kienan look pitiful more than anything.

*smh* Ugh...

a) I needed a story from this state for a challenge.
b) I read something off my TBR that's been on there for nearly 2 years.
c) I'm not stressing on the weak plot. I'll save my time for something else.
d) I'm seriously contemplating reading the rest of the series.

I just don't know.