The only kind of football I'm interested in!

Pounded By The Gay Unicorn Football Squad - Chuck Tingle

Superbowl Sunday? Neigh! It's "Hornbowl" Sunday a la Dr. Tingle.

It's a unicorn BR with my unicorns!

(This is a team I can support. In fact, it's probably the only sport I'd watch with actual attention)

Go L.A. Sparkles! Go New England Rainbows!

Thank you, Chucky Chuck Chuck. *blows kiss* I'm telling you, Tingle, your market is in the uniporn.

"...unicorns were the last thing anyone would have a problem with, sweet horned beasts with beautiful flowing manes and killer style".

You know what's better than a human and a unicorn screwing? A human/ unicorn football team gang bang!

Chucky Chuck Chuck added a little social consciousness to his latest unicorn "Tingler". I was getting a head rush from using the head upstairs, if You know what I mean and I think you do. *high hoof*

Aaron Duncan is a human football player on the UFL (Unicorn Football League) and closeted...because he has not shared with others that he's not a unicorn.

If you're trying to figure out how in the fuck anyone couldn't tell he wasn't a unicorn already? Don't ask.
Because logic is not invited to a Tingler party. Hands for fapping are definitely on the guest list, though. VIP even.

So Aaron gets asked the hard hitting question: "Are you a unicorn?" And he freaks out because he's been playing with his team, the L.A. Sparkles, winning the Hornbowl for 2 years in a row. WTF you worried about his hornless forehead?! Damn it! He's bringing home the ring! So with the support of the L.A. Sparkles, Aaron realizes it's okay to be human. And he loves his team. A lot, especially a unicorn team player named Dirk Rando.

Dude...there's a unicorn football player named Dirk Rando. Like I'm all over that name.

Doesn't it bring to mind the studliest beast you can imagine?

Dirk Rando will pile drive that ass into submission!

And that's when the Tingler comes into action. Because Aaron loves his team and his team loves him much they gangbang that human ass!

Aaron is that special breed. Unicorns are studly motherfuckers. I have to slow clap him one time because he sustained that unicorn dick tackle in his ass, mouth and hands like a champ. He was drenched in unicum after they were done with him.

You enter a room with a naked unicorn, you will leave satisfied.

You enter a locker room with massive, muscular unicorn football players, you're going to get double penetrated and spit roasted within an inch of your life.

And you're going to have one hell of an experience.

A little more romantic than usual but still fun as shit!

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