Almost got my bears...I'll set a wider trap next time!

Lifeboat - Rob Colton

*runs to get honey and bear traps*

Because it's Rob Colton, right?

Because bears = yum!

Rob Colton is a god of delivering delicious bear romances. (Okay there wasn't a bear tag for "Lifeboat" but I pictured both main characters to be bears. ;P) I was super stoked when he actually listened to my nudge on this prompt. I'm forever grateful - I knew this would be stellar.

Sci-fi reunited lovers with a light touch of inner turmoil for not saying the big 'ILY' in time because you still have your head stuck in your ass? Who knew he could get that from this prompt and pic?

Loved it!

In less than 7K, Colton packs a punch. Charles aka "Chuck" is a space engineer who is in a relationship with his boss, Sergeant Jack. Chuck likes to keep their relationship a secret. Who knew that a matter of life and death help him realize what he always knew? It touch a smack (a serious one) on his noggin to make it all clear.

I loved the hallucinations. I loved the reunion. *growls*

Wish there was more (of course). But for what was given, the story does its job and more! Even if it's science fiction.

Thanks to the author (again) and the team behind this event!