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Control (Control Series Book 1) - Jude Tristan
  Some days I even wonder WTF am I reading.

This was atrocious. The writing was bad.

"Hi Gay,

What an awesome ass you have!

Feel like fucking you

Come to room #703 near the snooker area.

I will be waiting for you with surprises.

Don't worry will pay you!

With Burning Lust for you,

Bisexual Birthday Boy"

Do I need any more examples on why this should be avoided?

P.S. A fourteen year old penned the quote...I wonder if they "wrote" this as well.

So much bullshit packed into this small length. I don't know if the "author" understands the concept of romance...transgender...transexual...anything.

A freebie I will gladly delete from my device.