Don't Google T-Rex sex...just don't.

Gay T-Rex Law Firm: Executive Boner  - Chuck Tingle

Donny makes the deal of a lifetime and finds himself contractually bound into a gay T-rex gangbang that gives new meaning to the term, “dinosaur bones.”


Because this is Chuck Tingle.

Oh Chucky Chuck Chuck...

That poor human asshole sure did get rammed, huh? Poor newbie, office grunt Donny gets introduced to the law firm by getting a train ran on him with dino boners.

Part of me laughed because...T-Rexes aren't known for their long arms.

How in the world did they reach their pricks, much less put on their clothes? Then I smacked myself because , hello, this is Mr. Tingle. Why in the blue fuck am I worried about logistics? Ever ready dicks meets hungry, straight asshole for a price of ten million dollars.

DP. Trains. Spit-roasting. Deep Throating.

Yeah, it's a Chuck Tingler.