I love KNOTTING. There I said it.

Wolf's Honor - Laylah Hunter


(Cupcake tells me all the time to lead with your best foot forward.)

My KNOTTING aficionados and Sterek peeps who enjoy A/B/O might like this one.

This was another one of my top prompts. Why? Alpha and damaged omega, baby! I know KNOTTING was about to go down. And this author made quite the impression last year with The Raven's Luck

I got my snacks, got comfortable...I was READY when I saw today's LOR release.

Cory is an abused omega. He has been abandoned by the humans, he's been raped and treated like property by the wolves. His old master was killed and he finally gets his chance to escape. But the new Alpha catches him. Troy, new Alpha is not an alpha-hole. He's considerate and tries to fix the damaged pack but he's most drawn to Cory.

Damaged omega who smells too good meets an Alpha who thinks before he acts? Awesome. I like the way Laylah Hunter made the pack work. There were truly a pack where all opinions mattered. I wanted more but I have a tendency to be greedy when it comes to words that are good. :D

Now the KNOTTING. Not as intense as I like it. My favorite type of KNOTTING is when the omega can feel that fat KNOT at the edge of his hole and he worries it will fit.

And then the Alpha manages to stuff that hole full. And then they're tied by the Alpha knot...*grunts*

But this was not forceful KNOTTING.

This is thoughtful KNOTTING.

Cory blisses out into omega heaven for a while, content with the world in new and wonderful ways as most of his world narrows down to Troy’s marvelous cock working his ass. It starts to thicken at the base, like they always do, and Cory feels it when Troy lets go with a strangled snarl, slams in hard, and his cock starts to pulse with hot waves of release.

Still good.

Of course I'd read about 200 more pages of these words. But for what was given...I was satisfied.

My thanks to the author and the team behind this event.