I can't believe I loved this dragon mpreg but I totally did and the babies!

Bluewood - Elin Austen

4.25 Stars--Dragon Shifters FTW!!

Another dragon shifter winner from this event! Who knew the author could get all of this from that weirdly erotic dragon mpreg pic and prompt?

"Bluewood" might start off erotic (dragon shifted sex BTW!) but it's different. Elin Austen's dragons have penises like ducks (Um, I'm not a stranger to the duck dick...are you surprised? No? Moving on. Look it up on your own time) and males can carry eggs/dragon hatchlings. It's so cool learning about this dragon society.

Amad and Og are earth dragon shifters and mates expecting their first clutch of six eggs. The first time parents try to do everything right in a human controlled shifter world. Shifters have been regulated to living on approved lands for certain shifter breeds only.

The humans have teamed up with the werewolves. They attacked the dragons, kidnapping their queen and trying to take Amad. Og manages to save Amad and they escape to a forbidden land where they learn things aren't always as they seem.

I like the themes of modern vs. ancient, respecting your history, nature vs. machine. This had an urban fantasy feel in the beginning but it got back to basics towards the end. Like that.

And you know what was my favorite (even more than dragon sex)?

The egg babies!

Yes, this is mpreg. But if your worried that this was thinly veiled MF preggo MM, it isn't. And Og isn't pregnant for more than a third of this story. He (view spoiler) births his eggs. It still takes months for them to hatch. And when they do? It's so special. I fell for each one of those hatchlings.

The story could have went further. At least let me us see Zulla and Zilla changed in human form. And Bubble! I can't believe I got attached to the baby dragons but I did. I actually pouted when something happened to one of the eggs.

Loved, LOVED, LOVED the dragon folklore and the history of Bluewood. Oh wow...I would definitely read more of this world and revisit the rest of the dragon society!

My thanks to the author and the team behind this event!