Dear MM authors, take this as an example why we need more MM Vikings. Please.

Atle's Saga - Kit Edwards
  *waves sword*


This is a FIVE STAR story! It's the highest I can give here!

Sweet merciful Cheesus how I loved this fucking story! So much so I actually searched this author's original fic online. This is the author's first time writing for the event? Anything they're attached to, I'm reading. The writing was tops. I would have paid for this story. *twirls and spins*

Atle, the red hair viking badass with a good and true warrior's heart!

I'm going to try to tamp down my squees to a minimum.


If you love real action, not those silly wannabes with guns and bullets, but real action where men had to use their wits and brawn and strength to win, no matter how bloody or gory, Atle's Saga is definitely for you.

The prompt obviously went into the right author's hands because Atle's Saga was masterful. The characters were effortless. The political machinations and battles were superb.

Olof is the young prince and sole heir of Funir. His father Christian King Sigurd is a lazy tyrannical bastard who wants the neighboring land, Granbyr. The land is ruled by Jarl Atle, viking warrior and considered a heathen to the Christian king. But the people of Funir love Atle and for good reason.

He thinks with his head and doesn't lash out for greed. He gives tot the people, a Robin Hood of sorts. An approaching Danish army makes the king call a truce since he doesn't have the manpower to fight...and neither does Atle's people. The king sends his son to fight and hides in his cushy kingdom. Olof knew who he was...or so he thought until he met Atle face to face.
"And shall I tell you something else? Girls and boys are not so different from each other. You know the way a girl looks away and pretends she doesn't know you're watching her? When you can tell that although her eyes are on something, anything else, her mind is only on you?"


"Boys do the exact same thing. As do men," Atle added. "And it's beautiful."

Atle picks up on the need inside of Olof. The prince wants to be taken and wants Atle inside him. But the young prince, he struggles with his desires internally. Should he follow what he's been taught? That is wrong to lay with another man?

Atle's seduction of this kid?


I love when the main character takes their time and nudges the other character to realize where their desires lie.
"The bishop thinks taking regular baths is a way to lead our women to sin. that they won't be able to resist a sweet-smelling man."

"Well, it is hard to resist a sweet-smelling man," Atle said, putting his nose to Olof's hair. "So maybe your bishop has a point."

Every sex scene was awesome but the butt virgin deflowering? I'm still grinning. Nothing better than two warriors fucking like warriors. Hard, rough, thrusting....desperate needing. And someone's a bit of a power bottom. *growls*

And you know what was equally as good as the sex?

Each time a sword sliced or axe beheaded. These aren't soft men and the author went full throttle without going overboard. Did my blood-lusty reader's heart good to read every one. The twists and turns! And the final twist? Totally didn't see it coming. So happy with the outcome. Whee!!

My only minor complaint...very tiny and still doesn't stop my rating:
Was Erik the one who betrayed Olof? If so, Olof should find his supposed best friend and gut the jealous weasel. Or at least have that moment when he could see his friend for the jealous person that he is. Hater.
(show spoiler)

My thanks to the author (please write more, m'kay?) and the team behind the event.