Daddy kink lovers rejoice!

Waiting for the Right Boy - Emory Vargas
  Daddy kink (Not as heavy as I'd have liked but I'll take it)

Inappropriate relationship (father and his son's best friend) = Age Gap aka DILF dreams achieved

MANTIES pink lace ones to be exact. (calls to Cupcake)

Minor cross-dressing (never hurt anyone) (boys in makeup? le yum)

Those are the best things this story has going for it!

And "Sir"! And rimming! *gets distracted*

But wait...this is stroke fic with a little plot thrown in too. It's decently written, I get what the author wanted to get across. Liked the bit of snark in the writing. But it needed another edit, maybe two. There were obvious typos.

But...this is manties wearing Daddy kink! In the same story!

And the sex? Excuse me while I:

A Baby and Cupcake gift wrapped special. AND IT WAS FREE!

3.5 stars and a grunt