My 1st Lisa Henry...of course it'd be a Regency

Hellion - Lisa Henry
  4.25 stars--My first Lisa Henry! It took a Regency to hook me in.

And how did I find this Regency guardian/ward bonbon?

Some read DRiTC stories based on the author, other on the prompts. I was ALL OVER THIS PROMPT! Like this was in my top 3 of prompts from this year's event.

Simon and Oliver? Perfect names? Their back story - an older baronet who who enjoys the Ton and hates the country. And can not stand the teenage ward attached to his country seat, Simon, a young orphaned gentleman. Simon, who prefers getting his hands dirty and caring for animals loathes his guardian as well.

You know they say there's a thin line between love and hate. Or in their case, hate and lust. Oh, do they give into their passion.

Can we say barn loving? And young supple backside spanking?!

I lived for every one of those swats. Spanking a firm bratty ass always sets the right tone for me. *slurps*

I wish this story was longer.

I'm sure if it were, the tension explored even further, Simon holding out into giving in just a little longer, this would've been an easy 5 stars. I love biting characters, Oliver was on the acerbic side but it makes for a great character, IMO. The story is short but it gives a great snippet into their lives.

Thanks to the author and the team behind this story. And also, kudos to Jennifer for a fantastic prompt & picture. :D