Prison Bitch FTW!!

Straight Boy: A Short Story - Alessandra Hazard

"I'm straight."

"Of course, you are." Xavier started moving the finger quickly. "You just like having my finger in your ass."

So prison bitching.

This gives great prison bitch! Any prison bitch lovers out there? This book has it, okay? Good psychological turning of a "straight man" in prison. And great smut too. Just thinking about this prison bitch going on his knees before realizing he's on them?

(I'm cooing over here.)

Sage is sentenced for a year in jail. Sadly, he's a pretty boy and straight...not that it matters. When fresh meat arrives, his ass is on the chopping block. His cellmate Xavier, claims top prize and gets dibs on that virgin ass.

Xavier, the bigger alpha doesn't rape Sage the first night. Oh no, no, no. He breaks that fucker down in the head...makes him crave being a hole, makes him need fingers in his ass, a dick to worship.

It's the bee's knees in prison bitch 101: make the hole crave being used.

"This was a mistake. Leave me alone. I'm straight."

Xavier zipped up and yanked Sage to him. "You can tell yourself whatever you want," he said in a low voice, gripping Sage's chin hard. "But you're mine. You'll always be mine. That's why you sucked my dick. Because it belongs in your mouth." His other hand kneaded Sage's ass, confident and proprietary. His voice dropped, "It belongs inside you."

Sage is all twisted in the head, doesn't know what to do. Hew can't think about anything but Xavier's massive, meaty, uncut and thick D. He worries about being straight, struggles with being a bitch, a prison bitch. The mental breakdown when he is released from prison is even better! He has a girlfriend, goes to counseling and he still needs to be held down and filled up with cock.

He learns though. Oh...he learns. Nothing is better for a prison bitch than having that D in any hole your lover wants.

"Maybe I'm not completely straight after all."

"Maybe? You just had my dick in you. It doesn't get gayer than that, straight boy."

Is the story super deep? Nope.
Is it perfect? Nope.

But it delivers a simple tale with enough heat and angst to carry it to the promised land. Just because I found the therapist to be unorthodox (also the therapist's name Natasha Richardson threw me off because it made me think of the actress and she died, made me pout) I'm only taking away half a star. The story is that good. I'll ignore the cut off from prison scenes (it's roughly half in prison, half out) and the therapist because Sage being a needy hole WAS THAT GOOD.

4.5 Stars - totally reading the rest of this author's work.