Alpha vs. Alpha with a super light sci-fi twist.

Released - A.J Ridges

A Hearts On Fire Review

THREE HEARTS--In A.J. Ridges, "Released", the sci-fi erotica starts off with a little exhibition scene. Krial is participating the male dominated planet, Noval's breeding selection process, a sort of a Hunger Mating games. The prize is being able to mate with a coveted female - the women are scarce. Dax, Krial's trainer, is the only person he's interested in. Krial is gay. And he lusts for the other alpha man.

If you like James Cox, sci-fi smut (which I do), you might like this story. It read less campy, if I have to compare. But overall it was sexy, light fun. Don't look too hard for memorable characters or plot and just enjoy the hotness of "Released".

Sometimes the quotes were spot on. Like:

"Because every fucking morning I lay in bed jerking off to thoughts of you - stroking you, sucking you, eating you, fucking you."

And sometimes it dropped off the wayside. Like:

"The first time I cum inside of you I want it to be in your ass." Oh God
"Open your mouth."

Then the guy proceeds to come inside his mouth...why not just say that instead of bringing in an ass that didn't get creamed? Not a big deal, but it's a little thing that bothered me.

But why should I look for depth in an extended PWP with light sci-fi tones. I say light because it read like a contemporary if you ignore the weird names. There were mention of cotton blend the future, they're going to have names like Grenog and wear cotton blends or shorts?

Let me sexy quote again to try to ignore the quibbles (they are not major - though editing would help this story). Even though this quote head jumps just a little, it's still hot.

"I have your dried cum all over my chest and your ass still aches from me fucking it, so don't ever, ever try to tell me you don't belong to me, Krial, because you're mine. You're mine for as long as your sweet little ass remains on this god-forsaken planet!"

Though...with a ratio of 100,000 men to 1 woman, why wouldn't there be more man/man pairings? Gay sex is outlawed so the 99,999 men have to do without sex and procreating? And they patiently wait to participate in this Noval's Next Top Mating Games? Where only 1 guy gets to mate with a chick? I imagine a world of utter chaos if this happened, women would never be safe, dudes aren't waiting patiently to bone...that poor girl would be mince meat.

I digress. I'm sorry. I'm trying to make sense and this a PWP. So on the surface you have hot sex, 2 exhibitionist alphas fucking all over the ship/settlement/planet/space thing - finger play, jacking off, anal, desk sex in front a dignitary. It's hot.

If you looking for stroke fic or something where you can turn your thinking cap off, give this a try.