Why Chuck Tingle makes me Tingle

Bigfoot Sommelier Butt Tasting - Chuck Tingle

Bigfoot Sommelier Butt Tasting...or as I affectionately call this in my head, "How a Straight Bro Ends Up Being Rimmed to Within an Inch of His Life and Riding the Bigfoot Disco Stick"

Chucky Chuck Chuck...




(Thought I was going to show two hot dudes, spread eagle and tongue deep in the nalgas, salivating betwixt asscheeks? There's tumblr for that)

Nick is a straight bro. Hella straight, dude. So he and his bros go to Napa Valley to score some putang! Because nothing says easy score than drunk chicks on wine, right? Wrong.

There are only senior citizens tasting parties. No hot chicks in sight. The bro weekend is going down the drain. Enter Toro Gulgot, Bigfoot Gulgot. He's a sexy gay beast, knows great wines and ass. Guess who is on the menu?

Nick's butthole.

"What do you want to taste?"
"Your ass."

Nick can't deny the power of bigfoot seduction. Bigfoot don't waste time on BS lines, their game is direct and lusty. Torbo is a connoisseur...he knows what he is talking about.

"It tastes good, too," the creature tells me. "There is a definite high note of rose, with some smooth, buttery lows and a fine nutty finish. This is a delicious asshole."

Bigfoot = 1
Nick = 0 (actually he ends up winning too, his asshole just got a new resident member)

Torbo turns up the charm by serving up a hot dish of anilingus: bigfoot style. Nick never had a chance, he saw the beast, rainbow filled light. and he doesn't want to leave that glow.

"Now that I've tasted the succulent flavor of gay bigfoot desire, the thought of anything else, especially human women, seems laughably insufficient."

Chucky Chuck Chuck delivers rimming, hot ass pounding...and even a HEA.

I'm bathed in the Chucky Chuck Chuck light. Everything is coming up Tingle.

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