I've got a thing for caretaking Doms. ;)

Perfect Match (Playmates Book 1) - Cecil Wilde
  3.75 HEARTS--Perfect Match is the first in the Playmates series. This series is about a BDSM partner matching service.Written in present tense, we are introduced to Hunter a 37 year old white collar straight man who is bi-curious and wanting to explore the submissive side in him that he's never explored. He works a boring job, he struck out in the love department five years ago and just wants someone to help him explore that side of himself. Through Playmates, he's matched with Milo, a Dom who likes mostly D/s and doesn't like to inflict pain. My kind of guy.
"I kind of went from bi-curious to bisexual in the space of time it took you to agree to fuck me."

Oh, Milo was such a sweet Dom. I loved that he didn't know everything and was willing to adjust himself to the needs of Hunter. I love caretaker Doms. And Milo was not above showing his emotions in this story. I really liked that aspect to him. I like that he made Hunter feel comfortable. Hunter was insecure about his body and Milo made him feel body positive through cute ways. He was adaptable, knew how gauge a scene. And his other job as a sex blogger was pretty cool.

"He has a perverse urge to Make Hunter come all over the dark leather and leave friction burns on his thighs that's be tender for days."

I especially liked the two spoke through their gadgets as well. It raised the quirky level some. And some bits the snark was also cute.

Why wasn't this a 5 heart review?

I had two quibbles. My positives for this story outnumber my quibbles but they are major things that could've knocked this out of the park for me.

- I love you/falling in love bits: WAY too soon. I'm reading these moments before the 50% mark and it's a short story to begin with. Hunter goes from being a straight man who is finally getting over the love of his life (Lisa) five years later and after a few weeks/months he's in a relationship with a man and the ILY comes so soon? I can't but it. If there was more length for explore Hunter's and Milo's feelings, I wouldn't even be mentioning this.

- The first time anal sex scene: Where was it it? It was ignored. We go from fingering (I love) to their second time having anal. When I read about a man's first time discovering his asshole, I'd like all of it, please - I want to read about the first time he thinks about his partner's penis going in. Is he going to cringe? Pretend to take it like a champ? Cringe? Cry out? That was a missed opportunity for me.

But the story was still pretty good. I really enjoyed the concepts brought to the table: a smaller, sensitive and sweet Dom who does not know it all, a bi-curious to bisexual older sub with a normal body (not fit or looking like a cardboard cutout), D/s elements that were great for readers who like sugarkink and are hesitant to try the BDSM genre.

There wasn't a lot of kink: minor bondage, more praise kink than anything, though the brief mention of puppy play got my motor going. ;) Wish that was explored. I'd have like Hunter really prove that he was a "good boy".

Good story, solid enough characters just needed more length.

But I loved the couple hence my rating. :)

A copy provided for an honest review.