This book was a bodygasm...

Concubine - Jill Knowles

CANDYLAND THUNDERDOME: Baby vs. Cupcake: The Sequel

FIVE HEARTS--I'm that girl over there, playing in the lavender white jizz and glitter. Pay me no mind.

Why haven't I read this already? This seems to be my mantra for 2015. All thanks goes to the glorious Cupcake for booting my ass to this lavender oil scented goodness.

"This is pleasure, my catamite prince. I can taste my cum in your mouth while yours drizzle from my ass. I'm going to spill inside you soon, and then we'll sleep, and I'll fuck you again tomorrow."


If I close my eyes, I can see rivers of lavender-white, demon cum running at full force.
And I want to swim in it.
If Taren wasn't taken, I swear I'd kick Kael to the side and ride that demon into the sunset.

All these years this book has sat on my Kindle, collecting dust, while I could have been surfing on Taren's purple scaled surfboardt. *dances like Beyonce*

This book has all the things:

* royal turned into slave/concubine
* big guy bottoming! *applauds*
* demons! (one of my FAVORITE paranormal beings)
* kinky toys *coughs*

* a believable GFY
* SMUT for all seasons (and it didn't read repetitive)
* fantasy warriors (yay- that's my shit)
* cross-dressing
* enemies to lovers (also a fave of mine)
* great banter between the main characters (I loved the snark and even the bit of depth)
* possessiveness a.k.a. the almighty "mine" (I never get tired of a well placed "mine")

"You have a gift for designing beautiful accessories, Taren, though why you feel the need to decorate my asshole with gemstones escapes me."
"It's my favorite part of you--after your mind."


There is suspense, I guess, but it wasn't in the forefront. Know what is? That would be Taren's ever ready dick!

Prince Kael gets tricked into being his enemy's concubine. Taren, a 3/4 demon warlord eases Kael into his new role of personal whore. Kael struggles to accept his new royal and the betrayal all while falling for his Master and trying not to lose his sense of self.

Kael's struggle with his sexuality while being introduced to his anus?

This story was mostly sex but the story of Kael and Taren? That was pretty hot and sweet too. I liked the secondary characters. I loved that Kael still remained true to his character. Okay, maybe I was slightly iffy on the last scene but why should I care? Kael loves it. What more matters?

"I am ewe to your ram. How can I call myself a man anymore?"
"The penis is a dead giveaway." 

This is definitely on my favorites shelf - not just for the fantastic smut. But for the warriors came to love each other.

If you haven't read Concubine and my laundry list looks enticing, jump aboard and read about Taren and Kael. It's a read that I'll remember for days.

Thanks to Cupcake! She knows Baby very well.