Historical AU Sterek is my weakness...KNOTTING is too. ;)

Consort to the King - Ember

This was good, pretty good. I can't pinpoint where it fell off exactly from being stellar to just good. I think RL might've got in the way for the author to take this premise where it could've gone. The second half read rushed (not bad) but rushed all the same.


I loved the setup. I always dig decent historical AU. I liked the world created - it read like a medieval/ regency mix. Plus, who doesn't love A/B/O dynamics? This take on the dynamics was different because a true bond is between three: Alpha, Beta and Omega. Don't worry, Derek and Stiles aren't in a triad for the story.

King Derek is a lonely, closed off Alpha who has losses in the love department. Stiles, is a rare commoner omega who gets forced (sorta) to mate with the alpha king. The two start off with a slow start, Stiles and his mouth getting under Derek's skin until the passion breaks. Those were great moments - wanted more of those. Oh KNOTTING. I'd have loved more of that. It falls into the could've been more category.

No mpreg (yay), omega dripping (yay), triads all over the place (it seemed) and a decent Sterek pairing.

Definitely reading more of this author. Her ideas are cool. And even with my issues with this one, still liked it. I'll round up.