Cute little genie-tinged romance

One Perfect Wish - L.M. Brown

A unicorn group review with Audrey, Ann, Lori and me can be found here:

With a range from 3- 3.75 hearts, we all liked it. My bit here, the others on the blog.

--The main reason why I wanted to read this story? Djinn!! I love genies. And modern day fairy tales. And "One Perfect Wish" delivered that. Scott Baxter goes to bed as a stressed, lonely businessman in a hotel and wakes up as a married man in an English countryside. He never met his husband, Cameron. Imagine waking up in bed naked with a man you've never met pressing his morning wood in your arse? Actually that doesn't sound so--I digress. So Scott is given a perfect day with a man he has never met but feels some pull to. With the help of the djinn, he falls for the man but not without a few hiccups along the way. I didn't expect the story to go the route it did around 70%. The 'waking up in a different life' trope isn't a new concept. So the twist was different. Things are mostly tied up in the end.


Though I have to minus a heart for having versions of who knows how many running around.

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Overall, cute, sexy fun. I liked the bit of orgasm denial, no matter how faint.

A copy provided for an honest review.