British with a big D works for me...

Slow Burn - Dawn Douglas

Simple, brain candy story about a 22 year old American college student and a 38 year old Brit billionaire.

Sounds familiar? The not as worldly college student getting bent over a businessman's desk? I like that trope. And this was good enough brain candy which I need at the moment so I was happy.

"I'm going to come," he panted. "I'm going to come in your ass, and then I'm going to pull out, strip this condom off, and you're going to clean me up."

This quote gets the party started and made me even happier.

Nathan gets forced to help his twin sister out by delivering coffee to the Griffin Trust Group - a bunch of office sharks. But Nathan catches the eye of the biggest shark there, Charles Griffin. In a few days they have some nice foreplay before the main event.

That main event was the best part of the story.

"That's because you've only slept with boys before. I'm a man. And I'm going to fuck you."

After that office fucking, the story gets choppy. And that ending made me a little pouty because I wanted more. This gave enough but didn't explore. If it did, it could have been a solid 4 stars from me, at least. The writing was competent, the characters were likeable enough.

Sadly, I have to lump this into the PWP with some plot category.

But it was a nice distraction for an hour or so.
Recommended if you're in need of that too.