Chasing His Mate...over and over.

Chasing His Mate - Marie Medina

A Hearts On Fire Review

3.5 HEARTS--"Chasing His Mate" is a first in the Year of the Moons series. It's my first time reading this author. Though this is the first in a series, it seems interconnected with other series. It felt like I dropped into the middle of story for a couple of the secondary characters but I was able to follow along. Mostly...

Set in a fictional world, human Joseph has run away from his hometown to escape his troubles - he has no family and his abusive lover died. The aftermath continues to trouble Joseph, he doesn't trust easily and doesn't want to live under another man's thumb ever again. Enter a vampire/shifter couple that visits Joseph to let him know he has a mate through tasting his blood. Joseph is anti-vampire and being forced to mate. (Though why his blood is left around for a vampire to taste is never explained especially since he never wanted to mate).

He learns he is mated to a vampire lord named Stryker, who is currently on a mission for the king. Joseph flees. Stryker chases under the disguise of a human named "Stefan". Joseph is stubborn and pushes Stryker away. This is a recurring theme for the entire story. But the power of sexual attraction can't be denied.

I enjoyed the story mostly and would've rated higher if Joseph quit having the silliest tantrums over the silliest things. The last tantrum was unnecessary. The first was understandable. I get that he's a runner, he doesn't believe in human/vampire mate bonding and he still has his issues from his last relationship.

And my favorite part of this story was Stryker being upfront about his guise before anything got serious, Joseph's questions about mates (not just dropping his drawers once he's found) and Stryker not taking the reins, understanding to think with the head upstairs instead of the one downstairs.

I liked Stryker. Some of the lengths he went through to get his mate were unnecessary (the eye drops). The sexy times were hot. It was not the usual vampire claiming 'you're mine, do as I say'. Stryker was a decent beta hero.

Memorable? Not really.

But it's decent brain junk food when you're in the mood for paranormal and don't want an overly complicated plot.