Who ordered a tall, kink-lite, hot with extra foam? Your order's up.

Stripped Bare (Cooper Mountain Book 1) - Nikka Michaels, Eileen Griffin

A Hearts On Fire Review

THREE & A HALF HEARTS--An established couple rekindles their fire through BDSM 101.

If seeing a BDSM tag on romances makes you hesitant, but you're curious, this book might be a great start. Nothing extreme, very mild, not too kinky and a lot of beginner's explanation into the world of D/s. If you'd like a list: minimal bondage, minimal spanking, blindfolds, exhibition (hot) and a butt plug. Everything was very sane, very safe and very consensual between lovers, Donovan and Nate.

Donovan and Nate have full time jobs, their schedules are not in sync and they've been together for years. However, the communication and sex is just not happening. Donovan decided to have a weekend getaway at a BDSM B&B retreat in Maryland with his lover to unwind and recharge their batteries. The couple is very vanilla but Donovan sees something in Nate's responses when they get slightly naughty that makes him think they should explore D/s.

My pros win over my cons of this story. It reminded me somewhat of a popular exploratory D/s novella - not in plot, just in tone. I think readers who prefer the lighter side of kink would appreciate and gobble this story more than I did. The writing was good.

Memorable? Not really. Then again, established couples aren't really my thing. But I can recognize a decent story and this was. It was pretty hot and sweet. And I think the authors did a good job of explaining BDSM not being a freak show but a way of life that includes respect and communication. Submission doesn't equal doormat, etc. That was my favorite theme of the story.

But there were a few minor concerns.

My quibbles:

- Donovan - he's a mechanical engineer but all he did was travel. It's a minor issue but if you introduce a profession, give a little something he could have been anything.

- The established couple - they love each other a lot. They are very good looking. Their boners only throb for each other. I get it. It was laid on a little thick. If the story was longer, I'd have lowered the rating but in the 70pgs, it was a little thick. Sugar lovers will rejoice with the reassurance between the two in every other page. There's no need to over convince the reader. I get it. No need to re-remind about how the couple met. Hope the writing will get tighter as the series progresses. Lose the extra reassurances...it can read cloying.

Good story, nice simple plot. The execution was average. Hot sex scenes. Cute couple, they reconnected and learned a new lifestyle at the end. I wished it was kinkier because I think I am over the introduction stuff. I want in the higher levels of D/s classes, professor. ;D

This story was like a great pair of shoes. Once you try them on, they're not the pair for you but you know decent quality and want the right person to wear them. Maybe that reader is you?