The Gregg delivered the HAWTNESS. *nods*

In the Red - Kari Gregg

January BMBR Author of the Month

Let's say I am extremely happy one of my favorite authors is our AOTM.

"I may never walk properly again, but I can focus now. You've fucked my sanity back into me."

"You're welcome."

Kari Gregg. The Gregg.

She writes filthy, obscene things that I want to pick apart and ravage over and over again. Her damaged heroes make me smile. The plots always interest me. And the sex...

*bites lip* The fucking can get very primal. Declarations might be made but the possessiveness is definitely backed up and shown.


A rough fucking delight usually can be expected from the The Gregg. And kink. Oh kink.

"In The Red" is a crucial slice in time of two men who needed the other and didn't even know it. Torture survivor, Brian is a forensic accountant who is suffering from PTSD big time. He's attackers are still out there and it's only a matter of time before they strike. He knows he found something they didn't like but he doesn't know what it is. This drives his paranoia into high anxiety stress levels. A FBI agent, Zachary comes to try and entice Brian back onto the job but the two find love isntead.

Now you might think, whoa there...they find love just like that? That sounds like insta-love.

Well yeah, it is...but no...but yeah.

See, the beginning of the story just drops you into the men's lives right? And like they get each other. It surpasses Dom and sub which they are respectively, but they can read each other. They just need to be together. Insta-love be damned.

Because no one can make Brian beg as prettily as Zach.

Brian was made to suck Zach's dick.
Zach's dick was made to pump semen into Brian's orifices.

That's like true genitalia love. Either you ride the train or get off.

There's cray-cray and paranoia, hot, primal fucking, suspense and a cliffhanger-ish ending. The couple is on the path to being solid, it's just the mystery/thriller aspect that feels unfinished.

Would I read more from this world and couple? YES!
But I could also live with not having a concrete ending.

This is what I'll pretend happened after the end of this story: (view spoiler)

The Gregg still left me hot and bothered and happy. It's always a boning party in her world. I'm glad she shares.

Recommended for readers who like the Gregg or novellas with suspense/action/"Homeland"-ish government agencies vs. terrorists kind of deals/rough sex/BDSM.

Bonus points for novice Dom/ expert sub action.