Dinosex in Spaaaaaaaaaaaace! *makes t-rex jaw hands*

Space Raptor Butt Invasion - Chuck Tingle

Chucky Chuck Chuck.
Butt Boning.

All systems go! Let's invade that butt!

It's like a special invitation when I see a new Chuck "Tingler".

To quote the author:

"Chuck Tingle is a world-renowned master of the ‘tingler’; a story so sensual, so erotic, and so powerfully gay that it will change the whole way you look at erotic romance literature."


Mr. Tingle. Sup? I think you might be my 2015 Sketchman. We'll see. But so far, I continue to be pleasantly surprised.

Because who in the blue fuck is thinking: velociroraptor/ human sexy times in space would be awesome fap material.

Chucky Chuck Chuck, that's who.

And it has a decent plot at the start. Earth is in dire straits. The population has 10 years (tops) of surviving on the planet. They've been sending astronauts to find inhabitable planets and moons. Lance, is a straight astronaut doing this but due to budget cuts, he lost his partner and has one year of solitary exploration.

Would you know Lance isn't the only one on the planet? This is Chuck Tingle, so of course not. Come to find out, there's another Earth...and dinosaurs are incorrectly thought of as extinct. The dinosaurs left Earth because they knew it couldn't sustain them. So they found Earth 2. But they explore and follow up with other planets in the solar system. Orion, a raptor space explorer ends up joining Lance on the space station/ planet. And they become friends after weeks of discussion.

Like, WTF? This isn't the basic stroke fic where you meet a talking hole and a huge, lubed cock that just starts fucking for no good reason.


This is Chuck Tingle.

Lance becomes curious about dinosex and well...

“You’ve been a very bad astronaut.”
“So you’re gonna take my Jurassic load up your asshole and you’re gonna like it.”

There was light D/s and hot pounding in a certain human's anus.

There were more typos than usual but nothing too distracting. And slightly different from the regular formula. Which is good. But some of the dirty talk...meh, I could take it or leave it.

But who cares?

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