My local bakeries approve of this book. So did my sweet tooth.

Macarons at Midnight - M.J. O'Shea, Anna  Martin

A Hearts On Fire Review

FOUR HEARTS--Warning: Do not read this book if you're on a diet, it's going to tempt you to no end. Unless you're having cheat this on a cheat day, m'kay? It'll give you ideas and recipes on what you can gorge on.

M.J. O'Shea? Slam Dunk. She's like a staple in a MM romance diet. Love her work.
Anna Martin? Slam Dunk. I've never been disappointed in anything I've read by her. I'm a solid fan.

I saw the two of them writing together, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. And I wasn't! (Okay, I'm going to harp on the ending for a smidge later.)

The premise is cool: an American baker (Henry) with a Upper East Side pedigree finds love with a younger, Brit adman (Tristan). And there's NYC and a bakery for a sweet setting. And the story, the romance it was like a favorite pastry. Fresh and hot out the oven. Damn, I still have dessert on the brain. The recipes at the end of every chapter is definitely a culprit.

"Macarons at Midnight" is simple, light, sweet, romantic between two normal men who are perfect for one another. The pacing and steam level was really great. Slow, unassuming but very much solid and refreshing. Because, Henry and Tristan were two guys didn't rush into bed or the first available surface. There was chemistry between them but they weren't led around by their dicks. Expect quiet romance and super low angst. (The office drama Tristan went through made me pout. It was like H.S. bullying at the workplace. I wanted to deliver pain to Jordan.)

Solid story but that's good enough with the promise of more. I'll be honest, I cursed a blue streak at end. Read the last bit five times to make sure my e-reader didn't punk me and hid the rest of the chapter in a secret link. (It didn't) The ending isn't a cliffhanger. It was a little rushed but I am hoping it's for a greater purpose once the series ends.

It's just...I need explanations. It's too unresolved for my tastes. I need to find out what's going to happen. I want Henry and Tristan to be happy forever and ever, okay? They must be married in a fairytale castle and have three kids named Praline, Cookie and Jammie Dodger or J.D. for short. They will bake happy endings for customers and all will bask in their sweet kisses.

Because I basked in their kisses.
Because I loved their pacing.
Because I got swept away in their romance.

They were so believable that even though the ending isn't the way I wanted it, I came to care for the characters. And I can't take away more than a star because the writing read effortless. Time was given to know one another. It was sweet but I didn't get contact diabetes.

Of course I'm reading the rest of this series. Recommended by me and your local bakeries. ;)