Great balls of steel!

Handsome Sex Addict on Planet Nine - James   Cox

A Hearts On Fire Review

THREE & A HALF HEARTS-- James Cox returned with his sixth installment from his fun, sci-fi Handsome Heroes series, "Handsome Sex Addict on Planet Nine". This could be read as standalone. I did and wasn't lost. But I wouldn't start your Cox experience with this. The first book of this series is a great starter.

In Planet Nine, Bray is a bum alien with a drug habit. His drug of choice is like a souped up Viagra-hallucinogen. With a help of a virtual room, all your sexual fantasies can cum to life over and over and over again. Refractory period basically doesn't exists with this super sexing drug. But it does have effects.

Redheaded Bray has become a sex addict that can splooge for days, having orgies with hot virtual men. A fun replacement for the guy he really wants and thinks he can't have because he's straight, his best friend, Kamden. Doesn't stop him from looking, though. ;)

Kamden saves Bray all the time. They've been friends for over a decade. Kamden always bails and saves Bray out of his harebrained schemes. Kamden, finds Bray once more to help his best friend. And while saving him, an attack from space planets crash lands them on Planet Nine, a planet that is not fully formed. There the two men face each other and learn each others secrets.

This book was fun. Even a serious topic as addiction wasn't delved in too deeply. The main characters had a great friendship and it showed. they joked, teased and lusted for one another. Okay, maybe one was more overt than the other. The sex scenes were hot. I liked the tiny, smidge of sugarkink. I think there were some funny lines in there:

“Don’t fuck up,” Kamden said quietly.
“I only fuck up asses.” I smiled again.

If you need a book to read after something heavy, this series is a contender for light, boner-ific fun.

Good friends to lovers theme, decent dialogue, hot sex (no erection was left behind) and light sci-fi fun without getting serious. Easy read (yes there are typos but nothing that pulled me out from the experience)

Not my favorite of the series but I had a fun time reading about Bray/Kamden and the sexy secrets.

Great balls of steel! Literally!