Werewolf bodyguard. Spoiled, bratty lordling. Scarred, tattooed pirate. A SRAL approved diet!

Poisonous Parley - Angelique Voisen

A Hearts On Fire Review

3.75 HEARTS--Werewolf bodyguard. Spoiled, bratty lordling. Scarred, tattooed pirate.

How did my head not explode from reading the blurb, I don't know.

I am a fan of Evernight Publishing's Romance-on-the-Go books - you want to read a little romance and you don't have enough time in the day, here's your answer. Plus I think it's a great way to introduce yourself to new authors you're hesitant to try.

First time reading from Angelique Voisen, won't be my last. (Surprise, surprise - I have a pirate and werewolf...addiction. Anything that combines the two has my attention)

The idea was pretty great. "Poisoned Parlay" is set in a fantasy world, in the land of Ko. Lord Adriel is bored and lonely. His intended, ran off months ago and he only has his bodyguard who lusts for. He does nothing about his feelings because he is sure the surly werewolf would want nothing to do with him. Lionel, a Fenris werewolf bodyguard knows how to keep his desires secret. It's not until Adriel gets kidnapped by a pirate lord, Dabnis, that their feelings come ahead.

The world the author set up was good. I'm going to play the "if it was only longer" card because if this story was, it would have been golden. A Romance on the Go I wanted more from. The ending was rushed but that beginning was solid. I would have liked to see Adriel and Lionel before the kidnap and pirate ship menage, just to see their bond in action before they did anything about it. What was written was hot and intriguing.

A quibble: if a certain someone is kidnapped and beaten into submission (blood was shed and they became unconscious), how is he ready for spit-roasting action hours later? Yes the sex was hot but, if they were maybe just knocked out without so much force or at least mention the injuries when they are saved, then I'd buy it more.

There was typo that did jar a scene: someone is deepthroating and had their mouth on the other guy's mouth at the same time? Those are some magical lips! :)

Other than the rushed ending and my quibble, the story was enjoyable. If this story is ever expanded upon in the future, I'm so there. But what was given was pretty good.

C'mon pirates, werewolf bodyguards and spoiled lords don't come by often!