Baby, you're the gas to my match...for real. O_O

multiplied by seven - 1001cranes

Love is finding matching cray to add to your cray.

So yeah, branding. Mmhmm.

And pyromaniacs. *nods*

Damn was this level of cray-cray subtle. There was such an ease to the things Stiles and Derek did to one another. And yes, you can totally read this one first before Hear his alibis but I didn't listen. I have a deeper appreciation for the prequel/companion piece because Sheriff Stinliski is the man. Like he's such a doll face. I love him and Stiles' relationship.

I'm just going to babble my feels for this book because I love cray-cray, hot possessive, maddening couples in my fiction. These two (Derek + Stiles) are maybe a level 5 or 6. Still not up there with my faves...

because nothing says I love you like watching you sleep with a butcher knife in your hand. Not this book. The image is a major hint though.

(show spoiler)

I like the stalking, I love creepy Derek, I like that Stiles didn't try to impress Derek and I didn't see anything wrong with their ages. Just because it's only 3 years difference. If Stiles was my kid, it'd be a different story but he's not and it's fiction (great fiction at that).

There is Bottom!Derek (not my fave, thank goodness for versatility) and it's all human AU (also not my fave), so it had two strike going in, right? WRONG!

Author has a deft hand. Gotta give props to that. And the sex scenes were oddly appropriate. I love that he waited for the major stuff. And then when it happened...damn man, it was worth it.

So creeptastic, cray-cray and I get a solid HEA.

Oh and the branding.

Soooo not my kink but that's like ultimate kind of love, right there.

These two were made for each other. Bought it hook, line and sinker.