Manbot - Scarlet Blackwell

FOUR HEARTS--Imagine living in a society where every household had an humanoid robot. Think of all the cooking, cleaning and chores that could be done. Need a babysitter? A companion? A sex partner?

Don't worry, the robots don't look like this.

Gray, the owner of Kavan--the 6'3", well hung and plump arsed robot, has been treating his robot like a human in the last year since he got him. Kavan has been learning and assimilating, it is what he was programmed to do as all robots in this world the author created are.

But what happens to robots that develop feelings?

The author packs a unique punch in this novella. It's not my first human/robot MM romance but this was certainly one of the better stories about this subject. Gray is a lonely teacher who has a crappy, prick of a friend who has began sexing his own robot whether his robot wants it or not.

This only pushes Gray to humanize Kavan more than normal. But the thing about it that Kavan starts to develop feelings, quirks a human side. It was sweet and odd at the same time. I loved the bits of Kavan's robotic side - he spoke so plainly that it read funny (in a good way). Gray, the befuddled ginger that he is, can't help falling for his robot and before you start thinking this is a story about a man and his overgrown sex toy, it isn't.

Yes, there is some smoking hot sex scenes. (I mean, this is Scarlet Blackwell) But there's a quirky plot with some feels and minor crime. The story ends in a HFN way but when I think about it, what the possibility of a robot/human relationship could really be? What happens if Kavan malfunctions or his battery short circuits? Or he rusts out? There are plenty of questions to be asked about their staying power but at the core of it all, this story is a romance.

And with the odds stacked against them, I actually bought into Gray and Kavan's feelings for one another. Gray was a good guy who didn't start his relationship with Kavan with lecherous ideas in mind. That is what made this story work for me. I do recommend for readers who want to try something different but still has a romantic feel and aren't caught up in a definite HEA.