Superhero - Eli Easton

Our February Book of the Month - WHOOP WHOOP!

Me before reading Superhero:

[I wave my sword around while wearing my kick ass boots. Got a problem? :P]

Me after reading Superhero:

Eli Easton's Superhero was a sweet novella with a friends to lover theme between damn near lifelong best friends Jordan and Owen. I mean being best buds from second grade, that was a great way to learn about both boys. Even though this is a novella, I got a sense of knowing both protagonists. It didn't even feel short at all. Plus, Eli Easton's writing works for me. There's wit with a hint of sweet and realism that I enjoy.

I lapped this story up like it was mother's milk. Gobbled this bad boy. Chugged it down!

One friend realizing he is gay and in love with best friend and the feelings are not returned? I love stories like that. This story delivers Jordan's internal angst in spades without getting to melodramatic. Owen is such a sweet kids, a gentle giant of a wrestling hero who is loyal to a fault. I enjoyed both characters equally and separately.

And while Owen was being straight but curious, I actually loved his girlfriend too. Emily was not a bitch and wasn't that a breath of fresh air!

The writing? Great! YA with smexy times without being too graphic. Friends to lovers and gay-for-you score.

The characters? I want to take them home and play video games with them. I want them to be together forever and ever.

And ever.

The ending? Realistic in tone. I am happy with the ending, thoroughly satisfied. (view spoiler)

Recommended? Fuck yes! I didn't drown in a sugar coma and left with a happy smile. What more could this reader want?

Come check out our book chat for Eli Easton's "Superhero" the first week in February, folks!