This Was How Legends Were Made - Delta_Immortal

Dudes, totally not expecting this. I didn't even plan for this.

But it was. Oh it was.

I'm still in awe mode right now because this was a story. And the writer won in my opinion. She wanted to test stuff out (themes, adventure, darkness, etc) and *ahem, ahem* she won.

This was better than some published books I've read this year (and still trying to wade through *side eyes*)

I turn off the reviewer button when I read fanfic. Well I try, maybe I turn down more than off. And there are things you could nitpick but why would I nitpick about something someone wrote in a fandom for others to enjoy?

"This Was How Legends Were Made" is quality work. The story, the plotting, the action, the attention to fleshing out her characters, the plot...the suspense. Damn it, I am so happy I just bucked up on this Christmas night.

See I wanted a slave!fic, preferably Stiles. And one that's completed because this other one by badwolfbadwolf is a WIP and though it rocks, it's not finished).

So I found this.

And look at these tags: 

slave!Stiles, medieval!au, Alternate Universe, prince!derek, War AU, derek is a beta, Laura is alive, werewolves can also be slaves, Angst, Character Death, deaths really, violence is not often but does exist, handjobs, Blowjobs, Nudity, crazy werewolf sex festivalEnemasBarebacking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,Angsting, Whipping, Public Punishment, heart-gripping suspense, Panic Attacks, Rimming, Mild Gore, whipping wounds, Wounds, wound infections, graphic wound, Infection, Delirium, Fever, Crazy, Kind!Cora, Cliffhangers, All the timeRape/Non-con Elements,NO rape, but very strong elements of non-con without sex, badtouch!Peter, PTSD, Masturbation, it's a crytrain, implied bottom!derek, Blood and Gore, gore deaths, Happy Ending

(show spoiler)

Medieval, War AU and werewolves plus Sterek? Baby's reading this NOW.

Now at first, it was a little rough and I wondered should I continue? But the writer threw out clues, and I felt like a little detective piecing together a puzzle and before I knew it, I was consumed. Oh! Man. I have so many thoughts about this and I hope I convey them clearly because I full out love this story.

Love. Would have paid for it. Still feel like I should throw some money to the writer anyway for the experience. Wow.

This reads more like fantasy that historical just because the characters spoke 21st century. I'd have added a fantasy tag just to encompass the world. I see what the author wanted to do. But it's more medieval elements set in a AU because I'm pretty sure there weren't rubber enemas in medieval times.

Oh man, this was the most fun I had read about enemas. Um, I'll get back to that. 

I recommend to anyone who wants to read fantasy/historical-ish AU. It doesn't read historical and if you get caught up on the cleanliness of ye olden times...this story can settles your fears. IT's great. Seriously, run to this this.

Stiles is fucking delicious. The author has him down perfectly. He's a newly captured slave for the Hale Pack. He struggles with his new lot in life. A lot. My god, does he mouth off. And he catches the eye of Derek, the Hale prince/ beta. He lurks in the shadows...he's just Derek. All martyr, damaged but open to this slave. The chemistry, their chemistry...

Derek and Stiles. Their love was like watching a seedling grow. You have to nurture and water it. It surpassed the sex, though it was awesome (alright maybe the first sex scene was a little long) but this is not erotica. This was romance. The things they do to each might piss you off or make you not want to push through especially around the 47-60% mark, push through it's so worth it.

The characters! *giddy jumping*

Peter Hale is vile, right? But I can't quit the anti heroes. And he was evil in this but it turned me on. He was like Voldemort (yes, I dig Lord V in the movies, so what? ;P) and Stiles was an even better Harry but sorta like him because he sacrificed and was about the cause or in this case, pack. 

Just Peter was the shit, for me, m'kay? I liked this Peter a lot. Crazy mofo.

Ack! Scott! You can argue Scott's purpose in Teen Wolf because from what I've seen, Stiles steals the show but I think the author also captured all the qualities of Scott. Damn, I'd love a friend like him. He was so great in this. And Scott and Stiles are PB + J, yo. Batman and Robin. French Fries and Ketchup!

What else to talk about? What else? The entire ensemble kicked ass. No, not that. You want to discuss the enemas right?

It was so intimate between those two and oddly sweet. I have never smiled as much while reading on the ever. LOL, Stiles' regard to "poop dick" still makes me laugh. 

The angst was lovely, the suspense rocked, the ending...fitting these two characters. This was 5 stars from 60% on. 

C'est magnifique! ¡Magnífico! 

I have no more words for this review. I have to go read the second story to this RIGHT THE FUCK NOW! 

Here's the link to Intermission

Me after reading! 

Read! Hot plot ahead!