eXtreme Homecoming

eXtreme Homecoming - Jennah Scott I want to yell at him. I want to pound my fist into his sexy-as-hell face. Make him hurt the way he made me hurt. Every. Damn. Day.

I want to hug him. Press my lips against his. Taste him. Get on my knees and swallow his thick cock.

I want all of it. Good and bad. But I can’t have any of it, because there are too many people standing around us. Don’t ask me who they are. I don’t know. The only person I see is Bastian. In this moment, he is everything.


*makes motocross cycle sounds*

See that quote? It's pretty much the gist of "eXtreme Homecoming", a motocross rider's soldier boyfriend returns from Afghanistan after three years of no contact.

And expects to be welcomed back with open arms (and legs)...

*side-eyes* Say wha?

*nods* I know.

I have a love-hate relationship with established couples in romance. I always have a million and one questions on the couple that I look for the story to answer them all. This one sort of does. I wished this was longer. I don't think Bastian began to grovel enough. Nothing says we're over then your partner sneaking off in the middle of the night with a crummy letter and no word for years. I'm sorry. What Hunter did to Bastian in the beginning of his explanation? That was my favorite part. That I would have done. Three times and then maybe stomp on a body part or ten.

The smexy times...I really enjoyed it. The dirty talk was hot. I'm so conflicted.

Overall, I enjoyed the main ideas but since it was short, Bastian and Hunter didn't get to know why they were so great as a couple. Because other than being hot...Bastian didn't leave me wanting. Well maybe to play hackey sack with his balls.

Good story though. A little rushed.

My rating: 3.25 STARS

Thank you to the author and team for this story.