Meant to Be

Meant to Be - Rawiya This was a good prompt, it had kind of a "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" vibe. I love both versions of that movie. :)

This story had some decent points and some not so decent points. I like the cover. I think both men are hot and it was my fave thing about the story. I also like the premise of a black guy and Jewish guy being a newly formed couple trying to sort their way out on the road to established couple. I also liked the fact a college educated, professional found love with someone who was unemployed.

Some things made me pause. Such as:

- "nothing more embarrassing than asking your man for money when you hadn’t even slept together yet."

Would it be better if you fucked first then ask to borrow money? Do you get a higher rate of cash if your genitals touch?

- the main characters were interchangeable to me. Their voices read the same.

- things were wrapped up kind of neatly.

Other things I just closed my eyes and swallowed:

- the nosy co-worker, Lisa, that Thad was not too keen of, yet still shared his personal info with. (I get the character's purpose in the story but I didn't care for her)

- the no sex decree until the MC come out to his family ultimatum. (I don't like ultimatums personally and would raise that no sex policy with an even crueler option - finding someone else) I won't even get into the topic of forcing someone to come out of the closet by withholding sex. *smh*

- the ignorant mother that was asked for in the prompt. She was the bitterest pill to swallow - great job on showcasing her ignorance. I don't believe we live a fairy tale world. Racism is a living and breathing monster that continues to be fed by ignorant people like Thaddeus' mother. Maybe it's because I know pieces of work like this in RL that made able to sorta swallow this character down.

Overall a decent story.

Thanks to the author and the team behind the story. No rating for me on this one. I just can't figure out how to rate it.