Yes We Candiru

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Is that a candiru in the front of your junk or are you just happy to see me? *eyebrow waggle*

Not my first go around with Lydia Sebastian. Don't let the unique choice of shifters she chooses scare you away. She writes decent shifter erotica.

This one was not as good as book #2 - [b:Bareback Blackfish (M/M Orca Shifter Erotica)|22524466|Bareback Blackfish (M/M Orca Shifter Erotica) (Strange Shifters Book 2)|Lydia Sebastian||41972591] - her formula seems to be the same in this series. Guy bumbles out to a body of water, shifter exits, snarky dialogue such as this happens:

"You're a candiru?"
The were-candiru shrugged. "That's one of your words for us, yes."
"Oh my god." All scientific considerations fell by the wayside as Jonah considered the safety of his cock. He grabbed the candiru by the wrist and yanked it away from him. Instead of being offended, it simply settled for grinding its thigh harder against his erection. Jonah groaned. "I shouldn't let you anywhere near my junk. It's not safe."
"That's racism," it chided, then twisted its wrist free of his grip.

Funny but there was a similar joke in book #2. Then sexytimes happen - human/were-fish style.

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Perv. ;P

For some reason, I had Abe Sapien in mind as the fish shifter though they look nothing alike:


But seriously what is sexy about a candiru, even if they can swim up your urethra (note, not sexy however you sling it)


The difference with this book and book #2 is SOUNDING! Surprisingly not of the fishy kind that candiru are known to do.

The story finishes before it could really start. Writing is not bad but not as interesting as book #2. I will give cool points for attempting to make candiru sexy.