The Fantasy Collection

The Fantasy Collection - Kiernan Kelly A Hearts On Fire Review

THREE HEARTS--Well 3.08 Hearts to be exact. Kiernan Kelly made "The Fantasy Collection" from three previously released short stories. We go into the future, present and the past (sort of) in his anthology. Overall, it was fun, quick and stories you don't need to bust your brain on. Probably better when you want an in between read between heavier stories. This author likes humor and sexy times, I'll give them that. :)

Mr. Fix-It - 3.5 Hearts - Funny and sexy futuristic fun with this short story. Max is a workaholic who just got dumped for that working too much problem. No one to suck his cock or keep his house clean, what is a man to do? Why order a cleaning unit, of course! Only thing is that the company made a mix up and delivered a hot, HUNG, android who self lubricates and everlasting erections. Oh yes, this story is PWP with yummy smut from a dominating android.It's pretty quick and some parts weren't elaborated on further. But this is fun and not too deep.
“I’m human, and not eighteen years old anymore,” Max said as the droid took a step toward him. “I can’t get hard again so soon.”
The droid cocked his head, as if considering Max’s statement. “You are defective?”
“Then perhaps you are in need of a tune-up.”

The android/human sex scenes are funny and sexy. Me likey.

Rock’n Roll 4 Ever - 3 Hearts - Ghost wingmen? A vegetarian surfer? A haunted Cadillac that is haunted by dead great rock stars, namely Elvis, Janis and Jerry Garcia? I kid you not, you can find all this and more in this short.
"“You mean he’s a... Jonas is... oh, Lordy, Lordy. No, it can’t be.”
“It is,” Jerry retorted. He leaned forward, his chest and shoulders passing through the front seat between El and Janis. “Come on, E! Have you ever seen our man with a chick? He likes ‘em long, thick, and hard. Bet he likes to bottom, too. Bends over and spreads his cheeks--”

It's funny, cutesy and when the sex scene happens, it's worth a few strokes. Jonas is the owner of one haunted Cadillac and he's a broke musician that has to deal with pushy ghosts of great music's past. They guide him into the board shorts of Kai, vegetarian surfer boy/ musician in order to help Jonas out. A far fetched story that if you don't look into deeply can be enjoyable.

Helltown - 2.75 Hearts - A different mix of the Old West and paranormal. With a reunited lovers theme, Hoke is the sheriff of a helltown, a purgatory for souls. His job of Helltown is to protect the town and keep the Hellborn (bad guys) out of his town. He's been given the job of protector. But a fellow dead lover named Shiloh is back from the dead after 100 year separation with a new proposition. This to me was the weakest of the bunch, with the hokey cowpoke talk. I'm not a fan of that. The world mentioned was interesting enough, a town on the border of Hell, surrounded by a desert filled with Hell beasts looking to steal souls. The relationship part was rushed. Sadly.

For a person to hold a grudge for 100 years to just forgive his lover so easily? It wasn't believable. But it's what is?

Some humor, weaker sexy times and duller dialogue.