A Need for Heroes (The Triple Towers Book 3)

A Need for Heroes (The Triple Towers Book 3) - James Cox A Hearts On Fire Review

FOUR HEARTS--"Love had taken hold of his cock, with both hands, apparently."

What a deliciously, smutty and oddly, sweet end to the Triple Towers trilogy. We're back to see couple Kallen and Lorn back for more cock worshiping and pounding. The boys are back, with their dicks hard and ready to play and face the Towers nation as they try to rebuild a world outside the walls.

There are assassination attempts, political bickering and issues with natural resources; a tough job for anyone to try to face. Thankfully, President Lorn has a steadfast (and horny) partner in Kallen.

The two have a sexy foursome (one time thing) and a bonding ceremony. It's trust cock vs. cock love. And no flavored cum this time! The boys are serious about one another.

"His cock was the essence of his soul, the pathway to his heart and happiness."

The world building is still as tight as the last book, I think the ending was a little rushed and I wished there was more resolution with the assassins and political enemies. I wouldn't have minded another chapter to cover this. This book is not deep, so try not to search for depth. It's fun and smuttily delicious.

Never forget the most important characters, the penis. Or should i say, Kallen and Lorn's penises. They sure do make a lasting appearance. The story ends with HEA for not only the couple but the entire world. I liked that bit.

So in closing: Cock lace leashes need to be a thing. *nods*