Summer Fever

Summer Fever - T.T. Kove A Hearts On Fire Review

TWO HEARTS-- And I am being quite generous with two stars. This wasn't the best nor worst book I've read. It's just I don't understand why most of it even happened.

*scratches head and squints*

A nineteen year old ginger, Axel, goes on a vacation to find himself after a breakup with a cheating boyfriend. He goes skinny dipping in the woods and is saved from a clumsy fall by twenty-nine year older Danish writer, Folke.

The two fall into instant insta-love. (Which is sort of a double negative, right?). And instead of ending at 33%, it continued. There's a viper and attempted rape that is thrown into the mix of a weak plot and weaker execution.

Let's start with the positives:

- the cover (minus the snake which I guess is the story's breakout star)

- the idea of the story - a teen who has been ostracized and finds love in an unexpected place is a decent theme. Add in a May/December trope, I like that too. And a ginger MC never hurts in my book.

And the not so positives (sadly they outweigh the positives):

- the characters: they were so flat, they were cardboard. One dimensional, at times, their decisions were nonsensical and unnecessary. Axel is almost twenty, it's not like he was ten. Folke spent a good chunk berating himself for being attracted to the teen, even after having sex with him. Or Axel's mother? I don't understand her purpose other than to try to bring a flat story together. You know what, throw Folke's mother in that boat too. It was so weird.

If you take a step back from the story and ask the important question, does this character add anything to the story? No? Then edit them out.

- the dialogue:

"Shut up!" he exploded. "If I told you only a little bit of what I know, of what I've experienced with them, you'd never let me near them again."
"Then tell me!"
"No!" Axel shook his head. "I'm not going to tell you."

Really? Then why even mention it? Or have this conversation?


"There'd been feelings there, feelings that hadn't had a chance to grow because Folke had to leave. All the same, they'd been there, budding."

- the plot: Whoa. The execution. *shakes head* It read like an outline where the points just had no business being there. It read like connect the dots. The plot devices were so transparent, it was glass. Rough glass. There were odd sex scenes that had no business being there. That boat scene? Why even go there?

And then the pseudo-bad guy, Axel's cheating ex, Simon? Instead of finding him repulsive, I just chuckled at him. not at the attempted rape part, that was not funny.

But you know what was laughable? Concert tickets used to heal the trauma of attempted rape and verbal abuse.

Okay, I'm going to quit while I'm ahead. Because I think this story could work if rewritten, life was added to the characters, more time was given between the main characters to actually fall for each other believably instead of the lust that they had going on. At nineteen, Axel is probably grateful for all the attention his penis is getting from Folke. Love? That is a far stretch. If Axel was older, had more experiences under his belt, maybe I'd buy it.

If I closed one eye, titled my head to the side and squinted really, really hard.

Thankfully this is not my first time reading a story from this author and I enjoyed the other story she's written. I'll just consider this one a miss.