Spooky Ginger Love

Spooky Ginger Love - Kendall Morgan 2.5 Hearts--Bears? Check
Ginger? Check
IR? Check
Ass fucking? Check

This is a SRAL recipe of goodness. Seriously, friends pointed this out to me because these are all the things I love. Ghosts? Not so much but non ghost lovers don't have to worry, it's not scary.

After reading, Spooky Ginger Love...I'm not in love. This was a PWP/erotic novella mash up that was okay. Decent writing with a heavy dose of telling instead of showing. This would not be a story I'd recommend for a stroke fic because it takes too long to get to the smutty bits. By the time you get there...it's over.

Keith is a bear on a Halloween weekend bear retreat. He's looking to plow some bottoms and have a nice time. During the weekend, he meets Ronnie, a mysterious ginger.

Red alert: SRAL has gathered all sorts of bear traps and honey pots based on this blurb alone.

The blurb screams PWP, ami'right? Well, too much filler to be PWP. And the sex was a 2 out of 5. Now I have to rate it based on the novella...the repetition of how great of a player black gay bear Keith was became boring. He's 6'4", a stud and makes all the boys dicks go concrete. But show me instead of telling me over and over. Keith can get any man he wants. Why Ronnie? And why did Ronnie even like him?

There were mysterious hookups during over the weekend, a ghost mystery anyone could solve and surprisingly a HEA.
There were elements that worked (when Keith stopped high fiving himself and talking about his gazillion one night stands, he had a sliver of vulnerability, Ronnie's back story - if Ronnie was supposedly "out" why was he in the closet with Keith, etc) I wish were more developed since this story didn't work as a PWP.

I'll put my bear traps back.