Jace's Justice

Jace's Justice - Sydney Presley TWO HEARTS--Debut author Sydney Presley introduces werewolf suspense(?) in Jace's Justice. Jace is a 25 year old orphan that is in love with his friend, Louie, a fellow shifter. He is afraid to tell his friend that their are fated mates (Though if it's fated...would it already be known since it's fate? *shrugs*) and tries to keep his feelings a secret. Jace doesn't know his past but his past comes to surprise and comes with a bite that Jace, Louie and their pack has to help solve/defeat.

This story was rough going for me since the best thing about Jace's Justice was seeing the words: The End.

The story peaked at 19%.

What happens for the other 81%? A lot of redundancy.

The scenes were clunky, there are too many over explanations of a scene that just happened by the main characters and this was all telling not a hint of showing.

An example:

"What are you thinking?"
"Shit you probably wouldn't want to know," Jace said. "I keep thinking that, yea, I love you--somehow, I don't know where that came from, it's always been there--but I've been brought up with you, so maybe I just would. But then there's the fact that I've never let anyone in, never allowed myself to love anyone but you, so I must love you, right?"

Why ask if you're going to tell anyway? And this is coming from a 25 year old man? He sounds like a teen girl. Also, this sentence could have been edited down to cut out the nonsensical pondering. This is just a slice of what this story is peppered with.

There were sections and phrases phrases didn't jibe which just read more like a chore rather than pleasure.


Like a one day old wolf can walk/crawl and hide? Survive without its mother for a day? I can't believe a day old wolf can remember it's kidnapping and was able to hide. *smh* I was able to find out facts about infant wolves in less than 10 seconds on the internet. Here's a link. Baby wolves are blind and deaf and a whole list of other things that disproves this major plot point.

A little research can help sometimes.

Or the fact that this author clearly does not know anything about BDSM and introduced a D/s FAIL couple in secondary characters Vann and Kip. Just because a "big" man orders a smaller man around and tells him when to eat, etc does not a Dom make. A pet peeve of mine is when a guy orders someone around and they automatically get labeled as a Dom. It's just insulting all round. Or I guess I should have just accepted this explantion as why Kip was treated the way he was:

"You need to understand that Kip'll only do stuff when Vann says so. It's a lifestyle choice, so don't go thinking Vann's an asshole, right?"

I'm not a BDSM expert but a little research might go a long way in the future.

Another thing that surprised me was the setting, until the characters mention being in Texas, I though this was a British paranormal. I wish a content editor went through this so it actually read like it was set in America. There were odd phrases that were not American.

Oh and a kiss of death when reading romance for me is when the main character is called perfect...it proves to be a hard task to prove the character is actually perfect when you can find too many parts that show they aren't.&

I will not be following any more of this series. It's a safe bet I won't knowingly read more from this author. It's not a match. This can appeal to a read who might not really care about werewolves and just want a beginning, middle and end. No real plot delivery and a story that reads more like a first draft. This was drawn out uninteresting thoughts, too much filler and not enough substance for me.

I can't in good conscience recommend this to anyone.

Good luck to the author in future endeavors.


A copy provided for an honest review.