All Tuckered Out

All Tuckered Out - Midnight_Goldstone I read Daddy kink! and you know I went:


As I calmly jetted to read this.


I wasn't really impressed. It's okay. I'm going to be honest here, I can't fully get on the bottom!Derek train. I might visit once in awhile but if I don't get Stiles also getting dicked (majorly might I add) I kinda lose interest.

There was dirty talk. Some was even good. Like:

"Fuck baby, are you showing me your hungry little boy pussy?" Derek just whimpered and nodded. "Yeah? Want me to fuck your pretty hole and fill it up? Make sure you can't walk tomorrow?"

Even boy pussy mention didn't fully engage me. Or the tattooed & punk Sterek AU creation. *sigh* This is 2.75 stars for me.