Shifting Gears

Shifting Gears - Petra Lynn A Hearts On Fire Review

2.25 STARS--You ever come across a book that has good enough ingredients but the assembly and end result leaves you underwhelmed? That's "Shifting Gears" by Petra Lynn. The writing is not bad...nor is it that great.

I confused the MC as women a few times while reading. But even if this was MF or FF, I'd still stick with my rating. I did not care for any of the characters, not even secondary. The way they were written (weak, kind of pathetic) left a bad taste in my mouth.

Sad man sees a dog get hit by a hummer in the rain.
Man save dog.
Dog not a dog, is a wolf shifter.
Wolf can't shift since he's hurt.
Enter sleazy vet who talks sad man into dating him (aka wants in those briefs)
Sad man befriends wolf and puts his weird feelings on sleazy vet while shifter watches.
Throw in a weak suspense plot that anyone can solve.

And it's a yawn worthy plot.

I don't think of this as a "cheater" book as this turns into a soft love triangle. Soft because, Kenton (sad man) just sits there and takes any form of attention he gets since his ex-love cheated on him a year ago and he is still hung up on it. (He even mentioned the cheat anniversary date) Add in the tamest "alpha" shifter I ever read, Gray who also cares more about Kenton's romantic needs and wants then himself, pack, the danger others might be in. And it dragged. The plot was lopsided in action, detailing more filler than cutting it out and moving the plot at a steady pace.

Could it have been the lackluster suspense sloppily slapped in this short story? Maybe.

Could it be the repetitive scenes (including the sex scenes)? Possibly.

Could it have been the passive way Kenton came across? He "let" some guy have sex with him (though emphasized he's a relationship kind of guy and prefers to "make love" and take it slow) Kenton was a passive participant in his own life. Kind of sad, closer to pathetic.

But there are potential readers out there for this story. If you want a tamer paranormal story, with tamer characters and plot this could work for you. The main characters care about sweet, tender, lovemaking too.

Maybe that might be why I couldn't get into it. Too sweet. Too meh. And there is a sequel in the works? Count me out.

A copy provided for an honest review.