Blood Heat

Blood Heat - Dale Chase A Hearts On Fire Review

TWO & A HALF HEARTS--Dale Chase's "Blood Heat" is a historical western erotica set in 1891 featuring gay drovers, Tad and Clay in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The story is told from Tad's POV. He shot his lover 12 years ago and thought he was dead. But his shot didn't killor heal the old wounds between them. Yet they can't deny their lust. I mean this is erotica.

Just about everything is better with cum dumping, "butthole" munching and butt sex. A word of warning here: this is pure PWP, the plot is feeble but it is there. There are few mild dubious consent moments and parts where reality had to be suspended (someone breaks a rib, protests not to be able to have sex due to the pain and does it anyway).

Oh and this happens at 21%:

"And when I'd had enough of his filth, I rolled him over, got atop him, and shoved my tongue into his mouth, making him taste his own shit."

See that quote totally threw me out of the porn scene. I'm not one to knock what gets another person off if it's not my deal. And coprophagia has never been my deal, no matter how mild. In fact, that quote dredged up that "2 girls, 1 cup" horror show that I thought was well buried. (I couldn't work up the nerve to watch, only seen stills and reactions)

And now there's a brown elephant in the room, staring at me and whispering "poop" throughout the rest of the story. And it's not a bad story, it's smut with horny cowboys who love sucking and fucking in the Old West.

But that elephant kept whispering "number 2" which kinda ruined any other sex scenes going forth. I ignored it and then a mention of a "shitty dick" getting swallowed just threw me out of the game.

Did I truly care about Tad and Clay and their weird love for one another? Nope.
Did I understand the animosity? Hmm...not really.

But they had a shared love of butt sex and I'm sure it will carry them through until something (or some other guy) comes and shakes up their weak love(?)

So ignoring the smell in the room, the story is what is. Smutty cowboy fuckers who love having sex more than the person they're having it with, a couple of continuity issues, and okay ending. The writing is okay as well (ignoring the areas that turned me off).

It's PWP, I don't expect too much from them.

But this might work for readers who enjoy historical cowboy erotica who like dirty. (Literally)